Business Week

March 23 to March 29, 2021


During the company week, all kinds of activities are organized for your career! And everything in collaboration with companies. Register quickly!


On Tuesday, March 23 Emmelien Venselaar comes from ASN Bank talk about ASN Bank's sustainable portfolio. H.How does this selection work, what considerations are made and what kind of customers does this appeal to?

On Wednesday, March 24 Jan Donders comes to tell you about it BoFEB program, a traineeship for people who want to work as a financial and economic policy officer.

On Thursday, March 25 you go with The Little Consultant solve a consultancy issue, such as you might get if you work there as a student.

On Friday, March 26 will Jan Nelissen of TOTEM explain in an interactive way what Customer Journey Mapping to create an optimal customer experience. 

On Monday March 29 shall Mondelēz start with an explanation of their internships and traineeships. After this there will be 1-on-1 speed dates. Note: You must send your CV in advance to [email protected] 

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