We are Gzicht, a fast-growing, small-scale consultancy. Together with a team of passionate consultants with different expertise, we help organizations in healthcare, education or government to keep pace with changes. We do this by solving financial and business issues. Until the desired result is achieved.

Gzicht is looking for advisers who go for 'a little bit better every day'. We are there for enthusiastic starters who embrace the charm of a small organization, look for space to step out of their comfort zone and want to work with us for a better society. Team play is our working method, of which you are the face of the customer. We achieve more through our interaction. The short lines with each other and the customer create a good atmosphere.

At gzicht you work together with fellow advisers to solve financial and business issues. You can think of, for example, optimizing administrative processes, drawing up a business case for a financing question or (re) designing the planning & control cycle. Alternating assignments ensure that you are never bored at sight. It is also nice that you give shape to the future of the consultancy at gzicht. In addition to our daily activities, we consider the employee's personal development to be important. We offer this in the form of training and knowledge sessions. A little better every day, that is our motto!

Curious about face? We like to talk to studious and stubborn people who suit us. For more information please take a look at our website, or contact Joice Baten (06 51 45 96 19) or Annemiek Hegen (06 19 44 16 70).