Become a board

The Mercury board has seven different functions that are listed below.

Secretary / Vice-President
Director of Education
Director of Human Resources
Director of Marketing
Director of Public Relations

These seven functions together form the board of Mercury. The board changes twice a year. Four of the above functions change in September and three functions change in February. The position of Secretary / Vice-President twice a year. This is because the Secretary / Vice-President moves to the position of President after six months. All functions have their own tasks, which you can find more about by clicking on the links.

The board also has several general tasks which are explained below.

Writing and implementing a policy
At the beginning of the academic year (before the change in September), the board will write a policy for the coming year. This policy shows which direction the board wants to take with the association and describes how the board wants to do this by means of spearheads. Before the February change, the board will adjust the current policy and add points where necessary.

Once the policy has been written, it must be approved during the General Assembly (ALV), during which all members can vote on the board's plans. After the plans are approved and the plans are final, it is up to the board to ensure that the plans are properly executed.

Drawing up a budget
A budget is drawn up at the same time as the policy. It is important that there is a good overview of all income and expenditure of the association. The entire board meets about the expenditure items within the budget, after which the Treasurer ensures that the budget is drawn up correctly.

Supervising the committees
There are 11 committees within Mercury. Most committees operate completely independently under the supervision of a 'watchful board member'. The supervising board member participates in committee meetings and provides feedback from the board, but can also transfer the feedback from a committee to the board. This is very important for smooth communication. In this way, the overview is maintained and help can be provided where necessary. It can also prevent different committees from organizing the same type of activities or planning their activity on the same day / time.

Representation of Mercury in (external) activities
As a board of a study association it is important that you often show your face on your own activities, so that you get to know your members. In addition, it is also important that you show your face to external activities that are not organized by Mercury.

Invitations are regularly received for official occasions, such as the opening of the academic year. The board tries to be there as often as possible.
In addition, there is also a lot of interaction between Wageningen boards (from study associations and other organizations). This is expressed in meetings with all other Wageningen study associations and drinks to congratulate other boards for their new positions. In addition, this is also expressed in organizing an activity together and mutual agreements to know each other better and to be able to help each other. Links are also maintained with associations outside Wageningen. For example, there are consultations with all business study associations in the Netherlands.

Accessibility to members
Another important point is to make the board accessible to the members of Mercury. The board wants the Mercury members to know who we are so that they can easily come to us with a question or an idea. For this reason, the board is in principle present at every activity with at least two board members. The loft is also open as often as possible, so that members can come to the board with questions or ideas or just a nice chat.

Week of a board member
These tasks must of course also be performed. For example, a typical week with general duties of a board member might look like this:

12: 30-13: 15 Meeting with a committee
17: 30-21: 30 Food and board meeting

10: 00-14: 00 Join a committee excursion

12: 30-13: 15 Meeting with committee.
16.15-17.15 Forum consultation

10:00 PM? Change drink from another study association

11: 45-13: 45 Present in the loft for possible questions from members

The agenda of course differs per week and per person. Since we are on the board with seven people, it is easy to agree on who goes to which activities, so that not everyone has to be everywhere and the board activities (probably) do not have to be at the expense of your studies. In addition to the general tasks, you also have tasks that belong to your specific position!

If you have any questions you can always drop by 't Hok or send us an email: [email protected].