Mercurius Wageningen is an umbrella study association for two different bachelor studies and a master study. This means that Mercury members end up in very diverse fields. From policy officer at a ministry to supply chain manager in the food industry. The career opportunities for the various studies and specializations are of course very diverse.

Bachelor Business and Consumer Studies (BBC)
The BBC bachelor study looks at the production chain from two perspectives, from both the business sciences and the consumer sciences, with each student specializing in either direction. For more information click here.

Bachelor of Economics and Policy (BEB)
The BEB bachelor study is an economics study that combines knowledge from economics with applied climate sciences and policy sciences, applied to topics such as energy, nature and food. For more information click here.

Master Management Economics and Consumer Studies (MME)
The master study MME is an umbrella study with four specializations:
& #8211; Management Studies, for more information click here.
& #8211; Consumer Studies, for more information click here.
& #8211; Economics, for more information click here.
& #8211; Management in Life Sciences and Innovation, for more information click here.