Education committee

Each study program has a study program committee that draws up the study program, which falls under the responsibility of the Board of Education. 

The Program Committee is an advisory and participation body, with the following tasks:
• Develop a vision of the training.
• Provide advice on the content and structure of the training.
• Evaluate the quality of the training.

It consists of six, eight or ten members, half of which are students. These student representatives participate in the periodic evaluations with lecturers and course coordinators. 

Would you like more information about the program committee or are you interested in becoming a student representative, mail: [email protected]

Anne-Ying Telders

Day! My name is Anne-Ying Telders, 21 years old, second-year student in business and consumer sciences, specializing in consumer. I am in the OC as a student member, but also as a representative of Mercurius.

I believe that the program committee teaches you to master many important skills such as critical analysis, evaluation and feedback. Skills that will definitely help me in my career and relationships with others. In addition, it is also interesting to look at your training not only as a spectator but also as an active contributor. It is nice to achieve a result and to actually see change, through our actions. This committee offers this opportunity for change and that is what makes it so great to be part of it. Of course I hope that the students who come after us will experience our education even better than we already do. As a nice ending, I quote Galileo Galilei: "I've never met anyone who was so stupid that I couldn't learn anything from him."

If you would like to contact me about matters relating to the composition of the OC or education in general, please send an email to [email protected]

Hanneke Bolster

Hello all! At the moment I am a student member MME consumer of the study program committee, so I will introduce myself. My name is Hanneke and I am 22 years old. I'm in my 2e year of MME, specializing in consumer. In addition to my studies, I am also a member of the student association 't Noaberschop and I enjoy eating and exercising with friends. I joined the study program committee because I also wanted to develop myself further in addition to my studies and I find it interesting to contribute ideas about the study program. In addition, I think it is important that the student point of view is properly taken into account, and as a student member of the study program committee I can contribute to this.

If you have specific comments, questions or suggestions about the consumer specialization within MME, or about a consumer profession within MME, you can always email me at [email protected].  

Divera Zweers

Hello! As a third-year BEB member I represent the BEB students in the study program committee. I am Divera Zweers, 21 years old and I have been a member of the program committee for 2 years now. I like to do this so that I can contribute to the education that is provided. I think it is important that good quality education is provided. If, following course evaluations or by the students themselves, it has been indicated that something can be changed, I will announce this in the meeting and indicate improvements accordingly. It gives me a good feeling when problems in a course have been discussed and that improvements or solutions are then forthcoming.

Do you have questions or comments about a course or something else with regard to the study program committee or the quality of education? Let me know on [email protected]

My last OC meeting will take place in period six. Are you interested in the study program committee? Send me an email and who knows, you might represent the BEB members on the committee.

Tanja de Bruin


My name is Tanja de Bruin, I am 20 years old and I am now in my second year at the BBC. As a specialization I do business and that is why as a member of the education committee I am also involved in the 'industry' within the committee. In addition, I talk to the other students about the program and we try to improve the quality of the education together. My reason for joining the study program committee is to be able to look behind the scenes of the study program. And from there to be able to raise qualities and points for improvement within the training and to think along about improvements. With the aim of continuously improving the training.

Joost Relouw

Hi! My name is Joost Relouw, I am 22 years old and I am in the first year of the MME study. I follow the company specialization, which is why I also represent the students of MME with this specialization within the program committee. In addition to my studies, I am a member of KSV Franciscus, I like to have a snack and drink with friends and I try to keep fit with football and running. As a member of the study program committee, I find it interesting to get a 'behind the scenes' look at the study. I also think it is important that the opinion of students is taken into account when improving education within MME. As a student member of the program committee, I also hope to contribute to this process.


If you have any questions or comments about the company specialization within MME or about courses within the specialization, please send me an email at [email protected]!

Wim Elshof

My name is Wim, first-year MME and I have been a member of the program committee since March 2021. In my bachelor's degree, I was often absent from university affairs. However, I often gave my opinion on certain subjects during and after lectures. In retrospect, I think it's a shame that these opinions often remained within my circle of friends and because of that the students often encounter the same problems a year after me. This year, however, I can make a difference by occasionally consulting other students and lecturers about course evaluations and improving the training process.