Study guidance

You can contact the study advisor for questions about your study planning (for example, if you do not pass an exam more often), choices to be made, special circumstances (such as dyslexia, stress, a death in the family, etc.) and motivation (doubt about your studies, difficulty in obtaining courses, or looking for an extra challenge).

In addition to always being able to knock on the door of the study advisor, he will also knock on your door the other way around, for example in the form of a plenary information session or to make an appointment in person.

On the internet you can find a lot of useful information if you want to delve into learning styles. Here are some tips:

The student deans at WUR organize a study skills training course in which the following topics are discussed:

  • analysis of strengths and weaknesses in your study skills
  • study planning (setting goals, making weekly planning, tips for organizing your time)
  • study strategies (reproduction vs. application, approach to large pieces of text, use of lectures, approach to assignments)
  • exam strategies (working method on the exam, multiple choice approach vs. open assignment approach, exam inspection)

Study advisers

Kim Dolman
Kim has been a study advisor for BBC and MME since 2016 (when you start again with MME after BBC). The study is not unknown to her, she herself also studied BBC and MME. After her studies, she started working at the Rabobank Organization where she worked in various HR (Human Resources) roles. She is interested in people's motives and helping people in their growth. These are two interests that come together in the role of study advisor. For questions you can mail.

Gineke Boven
Gineke Boven started in 2001 as a study advisor for BBC. Over the years she grew with the program to MME. Now she guides a number of groups from early BBC to late MME. She herself chose one of the predecessors of BBC: in 1980 she started as a freshman in Home Sciences. She did not complete this program Western with, among other things, an internship in Burkina Faso. She then worked in Cameroon for two years. Back in the Netherlands, she did a lot of volunteer work: from teaching flute to an advisory committee for which trips to Chad could be made! She likes complex choice processes and finds it fascinating to follow how every student in BBC puts together his own unique package. For questions you can mail

Gielis van der Heijden
Gielis van der Heijden has been a study advisor for the Bachelor of Economics & Policy (BEB) since January 2018. He graduated as a psychologist at Tilburg University, after which he obtained a PhD in Business Administration and Innovation Sciences at the TU in Eindhoven. After that he worked for a while as a study advisor at Eindhoven University of Technology and as a teacher at Avans Hogeschool in Breda. He is interested in traveling (he traveled around the world for half a year in 2017), nature and drawing / designing. Gielis likes to think along with students, whether it concerns making pragmatic choices or coaching with regard to personal growth. For questions you can mail