Wageningen University

Wageningen University has its own page for its students where all information is bundled. This page is called Current Students

On this home page you will find all information about, for example, registration and deregistration, but also student counseling, information during your studies and graduation. 

Below you will find a small selection of useful references:

Academic year (you can also find here when you have to register for your courses)

Study guide and timetable (here you can select your education and find all your subjects quickly)

You can register for courses and exams via SSC online or My Portal, look here

The codes of the courses are structured as follows. The first three letters indicate the discipline / chair group. The last 2 digits indicate how many ECTS a course comprises and the first digit indicates the level of the course:

  • Code starting with 1: beginning level. (eg MCB-11306)
  • Code starting with 2: advanced level (eg MCB-20806)
  • Code starting with 3: advanced level (eg MCB-30306). All bachelor's and master's courses all have a code 3. So check what you can handle in consultation with your study advisor. 
  • Code starting with 5: level unknown (eg MCB-50806). A course that is not included as a compulsory course in a program. You can check the level with the teacher or your study advisor.
  • Code starting with 9: level unknown. A course taught by a professor by special appointment. You can check the level with the teacher or your study advisor.

On My Portal you will find various instructional videos under “Education links for students”, including how to arrange your enrollment.
You can also find your timetable and room on My Portal.

Extend, broaden or deepen your BSc program? Check it out Trigger your Talent.

Binding Study Advice (BSA)

Hard cut

In addition, the university has several places where you can go for: