What we do

Mercurius Wageningen is the study association for students of the Bachelor Business and Consumer Studies, Bachelor Economics & Policy and the Master Management, Economics & Consumer Studies. Mercurius is the largest study association in Wageningen with 1100 members.

Mercurius is a study association, which means that it is an association for students who follow the same study or specialization. Mercurius focuses on three tasks: education tasks, increasing knowledge and social tasks. Mercurius has therefore set itself the goal of promoting the interests and broadening of knowledge of the members and improving the social contacts between the bachelor's and master's students and students of other study associations. Mercurius has three 'pillars' that she focuses on as a study association: educational, social and professional. These pillars are very similar to the three general tasks of a study association.

In the educational field, Mercurius tries to contribute to the quality of education of the affiliated studies. This includes organizing excursions and lectures, offering practice exams and summaries, organizing study skills training and participating in education committees. The social pillar aims to allow students to integrate with their fellow students, younger and older students and students from the other studies within Mercurius. This concerns the social aspect of all kinds of diverse activities. This includes drinks, parties, lunches, dinners and sports activities. After all, people have to enjoy themselves and feel comfortable in order to be able to perform optimally in other areas as well. Mercurius is trying to contribute to this. Finally, the professional pillar includes everything related to preparing students for their future career, such as providing information about internships / vacancies and connecting students with companies, for example by organizing company days and in-house days.

To ensure that all goals of Mercurius are achieved and all pillars are represented within the association, there are various committees to assist the board in this. Thanks to the active commitment of board and committee members, Mercurius can organize a wide range of activities that all members can benefit from.

In addition to the wide range of activities that exclusive members can participate in, Mercurius offers members even more. Members receive a discount on study books at the WUR shop (10-15%). They can also actively contribute to the association by, for example, doing a committee, so that they expand their network and acquire all kinds of skills that can come in handy later. See Join For more information.

If you want to know more about the association, the board, or one of the many committees, look under Association.


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