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When you are a member of Mercurius, you can become active within the association by being part of a committee. Most committees organize an activity every period and meet once a week. On this page you can see per committee what exactly they organize.

Commission work has many advantages:
- Meet new people and expand your network
- Gain new experiences
- Acquire skills that will come in handy during your studies and later in your work
(organize, collaborate, work out plans)
- Learn how the university works
- Get in touch with companies
- Develop yourself through special courses or workshops for committee members
- Create a nice addition to your CV

Commission work is not only a learning experience, it is also very enjoyable. As a thank you for your efforts within the committee, the board organizes the Activo out (the annual activity for all active members) and you will receive an official certificate.

If you are interested in a committee or would like some more information, you can always contact our Director of Human Resources.