Lectures and Excursions Committee

The LexCie is the committee that organizes company excursions and lectures. In addition, the LexCie organizes an annual multi-day excursion abroad.

Company visits
The company visits mainly take place at companies that are of interest to members of Mercurius, and that lie within the future work field. In recent years, Mars, Alpensonne, Stegeman and Friesland Campina have been visited. The LexCie organizes a company excursion every period.

The lectures that the LexCie organizes aim to give a glimpse into career opportunities that may arise after graduation. The lectures can also be interactive. For example, Jeroen Dijsselbloem (Minister of Finance) gave an interesting lecture that more than 500 people attended.

Foreign excursion
The LexCie also organizes a foreign excursion to a city in Europe every year. During this excursion you will visit different companies in this city and you will learn what they do and how they organize their business. Cologne was visited in 2019, where various lectures were given about companies in Cologne. In addition, there is also enough time on this trip to explore the city and get to know your fellow students better.

Committee members
Marit Junte – Voorzitter
Matthijs Pigmans – Secretaris
Elva Lindeboom – Penningmeester
Nora Kindt – Marketing

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