First Years Committee

The First-year Committee consists entirely of first-year students. They organize activities for first-year students to get to know each other, Wageningen and the university better. Everything is organized by and for the first year students.

Parties, drinks and lunches.
Movie nights.
Cocktail Nights.
Trampoline Park.
Escape Room.

And, to top it all off: the freshman weekend in October!

Committee members
Matthijs Pigmans – Voorzitter
Robin van der Grond – Secretaris
Fay van Emmerik – Penningmeester
Nora Kindt – Marketing
Yorick Drewes – Algemeen lid
Thomas van der Grift – Algemeen lid
Jort Janssen – Algemeen lid
Rik Homoet – Algemeen lid

Meekijkend bestuurslid: Steg Snelders

Contact via [email protected]