Academic Committee

Mercurius wants to provide its members with high-quality summaries and mock exams. The AcademiCie was established to facilitate this. The aim of the AcademiCie is to recruit and make available high-quality study material. Study material is understood to mean: summaries, test exams and second-hand books. In addition, the AcademiCie also organizes study drinks where a drink can be enjoyed with fellow students in a cozy café. The AcademiCie also supports the Director of Education in organizing educational workshops or courses.

The AcademiCie tries to obtain high-quality summaries through various marketing channels (Facebook, the news mail, flyers, etc.). Students who send a summary receive a fee for this. The Academy committee members check the summaries for how complete and correct the summaries are. If the summary meets the quality requirements, the AcademiCie will publish the summary on the website under the heading & #8216; study material & #8217 ;.

Trial exams
In addition to checking and publishing summaries, the AcademiCie is also responsible for putting mock exams on the website. These mock exams can support students in preparing for their exams.

Used books
The Mercurius website offers a platform where students can offer their second-hand books.

The AcademiCie plays an enormously important role in the educational pillar of Mercurius, as summaries, test exams and the sale of second-hand books are seen as very important to students. If you are interested in this honorable committee work, send an email to [email protected] or visit the Hok van Mercurius!

Committee members
Jelko Dillingh – Voorzitter
Renkse Rijkaart – Secretaris
Jette Raassens – Treasurer
Enya Dorgelo – Algemeen lid

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