Acquisition Committee

Mercurius needs money to organize fun and interesting activities. This is largely due to contribution income and government contributions. All the money that is needed to realize fun and educational activities comes from collaborations. It is the task of the Acquisition to establish these partnerships together with the Director of Public Relations. To this end, the Acquisition calls and e-mails various companies to promote Mercurius and gauge interest in possible collaborations.

Business week
In addition to periodic activities, the Acquisite organizes the & #8216; Business Week & #8217; every year. During this week there will be an activity every day where companies give an interesting workshop, information about internship opportunities or a tour of their building. These activities are very varied and interesting for all students, whether they follow BBC, BEB or MME.

Customer Relastionship Management
Another task of the Acquisition is to maintain the “Customer Relationship Management” program (CRM) and make it accessible to other committees. This program contains contacts from Mercurius who can use committees to organize various activities. A CRM course is organized for this every year.

Committee members
Myrthe Rouschop – Voorzitter
Fay van Emmerik – Algemeen lid
Otke Esmeijer – Algemeen lid
Anne-Ying Telders – Algemeen lid

Meekijkend bestuurslid: Myrthe Rouschop

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