Bestuur 2022/2023

“Ad Astra per Aspera”

Steg Snelders – Voorzitter

Hi fellow Mercurians,

Most of you may know me by now but my name is Steg Snelders and after the last General members meeting i have the honour of representing mercurius as President. During the upcoming 6 months we as the board of 2022 hope to organise a lot of fun and educative activities. Next to that I have the personal goal to bras every board the upcoming year!

Enya Dorgelo – Secretaris

Hi! I am Enya, the new secretary of Mercurius Wageningen! Currently I am in my second year of the bachelor Management and Consumer studies and I really enjoy it! I really look forward to this boardyear and to spend it with my other boardmember and you! See you for a chat and a drink in ‘t Hok! Cheers

Mobi van der Linden – Treasurer

My fellow Mercurians! My name is Mobi van der Linden and I am proud to have been elected to the office of Treasurer for a second half year! The coming 6 months, I will continue to work together with the rest of our board to organise more fun and educative activities, as well as striving for the further professionalisation of our great association! In my first 100 days in office, I plan on reorganising the Mercurius website and modernising the administrative systems we use. Thank you and God bless Mercurius!

Els de Graauw – Director of Human Resources

Hii everyone! I’m Els de Graauw, 19, and in my second year of Management and Consumer studies specializing in consumer. In the upcoming six months I hope to fullfill the position of Director of Human Resources. I wanted this position, because I really like meeting new people, bringing them together and be part of something bigger than myself.

In this position, I will be responsible for everything that has to do with the members of Mercurius and its committees. I organize activities for committees to maintain harmony and create intergration among committees and between the committees and the board.

If you want to join a committee, or have ideas on how to improve committees or just want to go for a quick coffee break? Please feel free to contact me ([email protected]) or come by at ‘T Hok!!

I can’t wait to start my board year with this group and hope to meet all of you soon!!

Myrthe Rouschop – Director of Public Relations

Dear Mercurians, I am happy to inform you that I have started my second term of the board year! Together with Enya, the new secretary, and Els, the new HR, I am sure we are ready to make Mercurius even more amazing. Hope to see you soon at one of our activities (the business day ;)) or some other time at ‘t hok for a cup of coffee!

Roos Wagteveld – Director of Marketing

Hello, my name is Roos. I am 21 years old, and I am excited to continue as the Director of Marketing for the second half of my board year! This means that I will remain responsible for this newsmail as well as Mercurius on the various social-platforms! I am looking forward to another great half year in which I will focus on creating quality content for you! 

Leocadie Ploumen – Director of Education

Hi, I’m Leocadie and I feel honored to continue as the director of education for the second half of my board year. During the next half year I will organize together with the other board members a lot of fun and educative activities. I’ll focus on mental health activities and I’m going to organize more studie sessions. So stay tuned and I hope to see you at one of the activities.