Promotion Committee

It is a large committee consisting of enthusiastic writers and graphic designers who are involved in various creative matters surrounding the association. With the following subdivision: social media, SPAM magazine and merchandise.

Social media
They help the Director of Marketing keep track of all social media platforms the association has: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. They are also responsible for fun promotions on these channels. Members can win anything during these promotions by executing an assignment.

SPAM magazine
The committee publishes various magazines every year, the first being the Intro SPAM. This is an edition for all upcoming freshmen BBC and BEB. In this, students receive inspiration and tips about Wageningen and student life. Other editions they release every year are the Bachelor SPAM (2x) and Master SPAM (1x). The previous editions of the magazines are here to find back.

They design, order and sell Mercurius products.

– Doppers.
– Gloves.
– Bags.
– Shot glasses.
– Beer mugs.
– Sweatpants.

And so on! Every year they come up with new ideas to express their creativity.

Committee members
Elsa Kuik & #8211; Chairman
Linda van den Boogaard – Secretary
Eva Garcia Moreno – Treasurer
Laura Stomps – Marketing
Roos Wagteveld – Marketing
Esther van Seters – General Member
Suzanne van Gemund – General Member

General board member: Esther van Seters

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