You can become a member of Mercurius for only € 10 per year if you follow one of the following studies:

  • Bachelor Business and Consumer Studies (BBC)
  • Bachelor of Economics and Policy (BEB)
  • Master Management, Economics and Consumer Studies (MME)

At the beginning of each year, all new students are offered the opportunity to become a member during the Annual Introduction Days (AID). When you become a member there is also a nice gift waiting for you. You can of course also become a member outside the AID. Click here.

Online membership has many advantages, because you can easily register for activities via the website. Every teaching period you will receive a depreciation by direct debit for the participating activities. That is why, after you have registered via the website, we need a signature on an authorization form. You can only participate in activities once we have received and processed them. Read there here more about.

Benefits of membership

As a member you will enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Discount on study books in the WURshop (10-15%)
  • Summaries and practice exams
  • Discount on and priority for participation in the activities and study skills training
  • Exclusive participation in activities
  • Opportunities to develop yourself, varying from committee work to a board position
  • Expand your network
  • Ability to get in touch with companies and future employers
  • No hazing, all options are without obligation

By registering as a member you agree to our Terms and Conditions. You will find them here.

Not a member of Mercurius anymore? We find it a pity, but also then help out we you.