Bestuur 2023

“Plus Velocitate minus Celeritate”

Nora Kindt – President

Hiii everyone!

I’m Nora Kindt, 20, and in my second year of Management and Consumer studies. I’m the new president and the past six months have been so much fun. I’m really looking forward for the next six months with the new board! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the activities!

Kai van Middelkoop – Secretaris/Vice-President

Hey everyone,

My name is Kai and I’ll be your secretary for the upcomming six months. I’m currently in my second year of Economics and Governance and I’m really looking forward to the next six months as your secretary. Since I’m responsible for the board mail feel free to send me an E-mail.

Elva Lindeboom – Penningmeester


My name is Elva. I am 21 and now in my second year of Management and Consumer Studies. I have been the treasurer of Mercurius for half a year now. I am excited to fulfill the same position for the upcoming half year! I hope to see you all at one of the activities of Mercurius. 💙

Jelko Dillingh – Director of Human Resources


My name is Jelko and I am very excited to start my second half year as your Director of Human Resources. I really enjoy the commitment of everyone in the committees and I hope to keep the good commitment and competition between the committees with also a new committee challenge coming up! You can also always contact me when you want to join a committee or come by ‘t hok for a drink!

Thomas van der Grift – Director of Public Relations

Hi there,

Members of Mercurius! My name is Thomas and I’m the new Director of Public Relations for this year. This is my second year in Wageningen and with Mercurius, where I have been in multiple commitees. I hope to learn a lot this year, and also enjoy being in the board. You can often find me in de Lebo or, when I have the motivation, in the Bongerd!

Pieter Duijn- Director of Marketing

Hey everyone,

I am Pieter. I am always looking for ways to use my creativity so a board year as director of Marketing will be a fun experience. I don’t drink coffee so to make sure my coffee card won’t get dusty, I need your help. Come by ‘t Hok for a coffee and see what it is like to be in the Mercurius Board.

Melle Huijsman – Director of Education

My fellow Mercurians,
My name is Melle and it is my honour and pleasure to be serving you for another term. I am truly humbled for the trust you put in me. I thank the members of the board of 2022/2023 for what they contributed to the association. One hundred and twenty boards have gone before me and have achieved great things and I plan to achieve just as much or even more as they did. Even though Mercurius is facing challenges I will make it my number one priority to overcome these challenges and come back on top. I, together with the rest of the board, will do this in a meticulous and orderly manner so that my succesors can immediately start with connecting, educating and inspiring our members. On that note I would like to end with the proverb from the board of 2023:

“Plus velocitate minus celeritate” – Haste creates waste